European Union European Regional Development Fund

Project co-funded by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund
and the state budget

P.P.H. PERRY Sp. z o.o.
Equal Opportunity Employer

hereby informs that on 2 June 2009 a financing agreement of the project from European Union funds was concluded.


Improvement of Perry competitiveness as a result of the introduction of a specialized blow molding machine for bottles


In the scope of this project, Perry plans to purchase an innovative blow molding machine for bottles made from preforms that are lighter than the ones currently used.

The new technology enables the production of bottles with shapes that have until now remained solely in graphic concepts and were unavailable for bottle producers. The innovative construction and technological solutions will help the company improve effectiveness of its production line by 40%, introduce new competitive products to the offer and thereby increase the company’s competitiveness on the domestic and global market.

Efficient operation of the machine is connected to the necessity of purchasing a highly efficient air compressor used for bottle molding.

Thanks to the achieved technological parameters the company will be able to begin cooperation with foreign clients from, for example, Germany.

The total of the implemented investment project includes the purchase of machines of a total value of 1,338,000.00 PLN

In relation to this project our company was granted 40.00% of eligible costs.

The machines included in the project will be fully compatible with the existing machine park of the company which was a key condition during their selection.