Sparkling water Perolla 0.5l

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Sparkling water Perolla 0.5l

Type: Sparkling water

Capacity: 0,5 l


Sparkling spring water.

Rich in mineral elements, our water originates from the underground source called ELIA which is very well insulated by water carrying layers of clay, sand and gravel protecting the source from external elements and guaranteeing its crystal purity.

Our water tastes excellent and is very healthy. The elements it contains promote good health and supplement mineral deficiencies in the body.

Water is an effective thirst quencher and a healthy choice for your daily diet. It improves your and your family’s well being.

The taste is slightly sweet yet very refreshing.

Total mineral ingredients 814,62 mg/l



Calcium Ca 2+

71,14 mg/l

Magnesium Mg 2+

28,56 mg/l

Sodium Na +

100,00 mg/l

Potassium K +

8,44 mg/l

Carbohydrate HCO -3

483,30 mg/l

Chloride Cl -

93,60 mg/l

Sulfate SO 2-, 4

below 1,00 mg/l

Fluorkowy F -

0,95 mg/l

Packaging method
Capacity: Logistics:
0,5L Multi-pack Multi-packs
Layers per pallet
Pallet TIR Container*
per layer per pallet 20 40
6 pieces 36 216 6 1296
33 pallets each app. 720kg
15 pallets 30 pallets

* With the option of transport with sea containers – it is possible to add one more layer!

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